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A 4-week Christian-based program designed to help transform women to live a life by design on purpose, free of limitations placed on themselves by past experiences. It shows women how to make themselves a priority, guiding them through a healing journey that empowers them to cultivate a life encompassing of full abundance while on their journey of self-discovery. 4 Stages of Self-Awareness equips you with self-development tools and skills to build confidence, align with your purpose, and to nurture your whole being that results in leading a life that you are proud of: fearless, free, and fulfilled.


What's   Included?


1. Confidence

Goal: To help women become confident or regain confidence in themselves, skills, talents, and unique purpose. The confidence to influence and impact
lives that will impact lives (paying it forward).

2. Self-Identity

Goal: To help guide through self-discovery and helping
to relearn self-value and self-worth, preservation, and prioritization.

3. Fulfilled

Goal: Help women who have lost their fire – to build, create, and live with intention a life they designed – on their own terms – a life by design.

4. Free


  • Restore – passion and desire to live life her way.

  • Regain – strength, love, and power. 

  • Remember – her thoughts, dreams, goals, and future.

  • Return – back to her true self. 


To those reading this now, I want you to know that you are enough and that you matter. Life can be tough and obstacles can get in the way. But you have the power
and the authority to rise up and do something about
your dreams. Now is the time to live the life that you love, void of everyone else’s opinions or expectations. All the energy, time, and talent that you have given to others is now going to be used to craft the life that you build with the only input that matters – yours! Since this realization, I have helped many women find their way back to their own goals, passions, and dreams. Let me help you
follow the steps that I personally used to rewrite my life and obtain the goals that were written on my heart. I made myself the main priority and achieved my dreams.
I help women design and live the life that they truly desire and love.

Why Did I Create This Course?

I was on a journey early in life where I would put my energy into helping others. I found myself helping everyone else reach their dreams and goals. I literally walked countless people through reaching their accomplishments. I was the SHEro that would come
save the day! Where did that leave me? Drained of all
my creative energy with nothing to show for it. I realized that I utilized much of my life-giving to others without giving to myself. I found value in others and their dreams and did not take the necessary time needed to invest
in myself or my dreams. If I had done this for most of
my life, could there be others living a similar path?
Other women who lived a life pleasing others but
not themselves?

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