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 Design the life that you
truly desire and love.

Mindset. Healing.

Purpose. Freedom.



To uplift and empower women of all nationalities to create, build,
and design the life that they desire to live. A life that they love.



To become an international brand that God uses to help aid women
on their journey as they recover and restore their love for themselves.



To be a guide; create tools such as curriculum, workbooks, and other useful products; and be a connection to reputable resources in the aid of restoration



It’s time for women to get back to their true selves, enjoying and living a fulfilled
life that they love and not what someone else says that it should be. Renew. Restore. Remember. Replenish.

Join Our Membership Community


If you are ready to restore your life, join the Life by Design Network membership community for access to curriculum, workbooks, and other useful tools and resources.


Some topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Melting away insecurities

  • Realizing true beauty

  • Finding healing

  • Prioritization - putting yourself first

  • Creating healthy self-care habits

Melissa Magazine is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur who has devoted her life to helping women convert their struggles into strengths, refocus their goals, and move towards their divine purpose. In August 2022, Melissa will host the premier Life By Design spiritual retreat that is designed to provide a safe space where women can look in the mirror and reflect on their own reflections.


Life by Design Retreat

Find your way back to you and live the life you love

Theme: Beauty for Ashes 


June 2–4, 2023

The Ridges Resort on Lake Chatuge

3499 US-76, Young Harris, GA 30546





Upcoming Event

What's included:

  • Lodging

  • Breakfast and Lunch

  • Workshops

  • Activities

  • Pilates

  • Bonfire

  • Beachside painting and more!

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