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A Love Like No Other

A 21-Day Devotional

In this powerful devotional, Melissa Magazine guides women through a transformational,
21-day journey with heart-centered teaching, scripture, reflection, and meditation moments.

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Just Like the Wind

A Children's Book

This is a story about a little girl who had a bad dream one night. Her mother comes to comfort her and along the way talks to her about God and prayer. This is an excellent book to read to children to start the conversation about God and how he comforts our children even during scary times.

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Broken Pieces

Steps to Healing

Love yourself and ALLOW God to heal the broken pieces. Whether you're mending a broken heart, broken relationship, or broken dream, these steps are for you. Download this e-book and begin your journey to healing.

Recommended Books

What I Wish Men Believed About Women by Kristy Magazine

Even as early as middle school, a budding pre-teen girl encounters boys who have preconceived notions about who a girl is. Eventually, this girl grows up to be a woman who just wants to be accepted by the man that she likes. She wants him to know that she deserves a certain type of treatment from him. This book is what I wish a man believed about a woman.

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