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Find Your Way Back to You




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We are a sisterhood of women designing lives we love.

 Melissa empowers women to fear less and faith more. Through live events, educational resources, motivational content, and lifestyle products, she helps women convert their struggles into strengths, refocus their goals, and move toward their divine purpose. 


Delivering Tools of Inspiration to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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My desire

is to ignite the passion in you to pursue purpose.


My objective

is to help you focus on your goals and inspire you to dream without limitations. 

Pursue purpose

without any fear or envy of competition. 

Remember your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, and your future. Remember who you are.
Restore zeal, passion, and desire to live life your way.

Regain strength (to fight and endure). Love. Power. Faith.

Return back to yourself - the love for yourself and belief in yourself again.


Melissa Magazine is an asset to anyone she works with.


She has a willingness to learn and grow and will expand even your biggest expectations of her. I am so honored I had a chance to work with Melissa Magazine, and you will as well. Keep BuzzZin OFF.

- Lutonya M Lang-Russell
CEO Media

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