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What is success? What does it mean and what does it take to be a winner? Well,
Mrs. Tameikia Smith lays it all out for you. She is very transparent with her failures
and how she turned them into successes.

Interview withTameikia Smith
00:00 / 32:18

The odds are stacked against you: poverty, abuse, molestation, inadequacies. You're told you'll never amount to anything. You dropped out of school and start believing the hype.... Listen to how Shavannah Speaks Moore, the Empowerment Diva, got her name and how she has accomplished ALL that "they" said she could never do and more! Her mess became her movement.

Interview withShavannah Moore
00:00 / 32:18
Interview withNikki Rushing
00:00 / 22:15

Pass the mustard seed: from inmate to inspiration, hear Desiree Lee's story - how she graduated with promise and ended up on the wrong side of the law. From her past experience, she now travels nationwide to help prevent teen incarcerations. Listen as
she shares her journey with us.

Interview withDesiree Lee
00:00 / 48:57

Meet Ms. Jakia Cheatham -- author of, “Bent But Not Broken,” CEO of Jakia Cheatham, Church Girl’s Ministries, and a host of other things. She’s showing young ladies how amazing it is to live a life of purity and how awesome it is to be a church girl in today’s society. She is determined to change the way the world views a “Church Girl” and brings awareness to people about scoliosis.  Listen to her story - Living with Scoliosis and how she overcame other obstacles put in her way

Interview withJakia Cheatham
00:00 / 36:11

Come sit down with us for some *girl talk* as we discuss our HOT topics such as:

1. What does it mean to love you ?
2. What does it take to create a purposeful and meaningful life?
3. How do you turn that critical voice in your head into your number one cheerleader?

4. Advice to encourage you when you get off track.

No shade or hate. Unwind and relax as we share what’s on our hearts.

00:00 / 46:21

Kevin went from Wall Street to fashion. Hear his passion for what he does and his goal to inspire people through his self-titled line, Kevin Shahroozi. His business is fashion – hear his story!

Interview withKevin Shahroozi
00:00 / 46:41

She is answering your questions about hair, spilling knowledge about being a single mother working hard, and following her dreams. She is stepping over hate, being an overcome, and living healthy from the inside out – it’s not a fad – it’s her lifestyle! Hear more below:

Interview withYesenia Hernandez
00:00 / 37:22
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