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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Find Your Way Back to You Conference 2016 was nothing short of the word, AWESOME. It was held at the beautiful majestic Pinehurst Resort located in the North Carolina Sand hills. The Resort accommodations and staff exuded southern hospitality and charm. The event completely exceeded my expectations.

I set out to hold an event where women would feel safe to let go and be free. There are so many issues plaguing women on a daily basis. Life has become rushed and stressed. We are nurturers by design, but sometimes we care too much. We care about what others want from us, need from us, and ask of us. I saw women let go and become free of what held them back. We had several speakers who were able to share their very personal stories. The panelist were transparent and truthful about the challenges that each of them faced on their journey to success. Some of our speakers stated how they were bullied at an early age. While other speakers choose to reveal the very real pain of being molested in their youth. One panelist shared how challenging it was to transition from being homeless and divorced to becoming a single mother. Furthermore, other speakers told of how they struggled in college and didn’t see their true potential.

During the conference, there were activities that allowed the attendees to become vulnerable through mind, body and spirit exercises that were design to break personal barriers. We were told to look into each other’s eyes and without words communicate with one another. Through touching hands and direct eye contact, we were able to connect on such a deep level whereby we were able to feel our partners pain and soothe it without speaking words. The attendees also participated in a training that took their vision for their lives out of their imagination and manifested it into movement. This was an extremely enlightening experience because it allowed us to put action, flow, and movement to our dreams. There were; singing, dancing, tears, hugs and shrugs. Not all of the ladies chose to share what pain and hurt they were able to release. But some of the attendees told me that the conference was just what they needed to move ahead in a positive direction.

They shared with me that they were inspired to take the next step in their business. One attendee told me that she was about to give up all together. She felt like no one wanted or needed her gifts as it related to her company. She stated that I was an answer to her prayers. Her comment truly humbled me. To witness firsthand how you have personally impacted someone’s life is an amazing feeling.   Now she is motivated to see what doors are going to be open to her as a result of her attending the conference.

It was my pleasure and honor to host an event that made an impact and gave hope. The Find Your Way Back to You Conference was about giving ladies an opportunity to listen to each other’s stories and let go of the baggage that was holding them back; Back from a future, where they called the shots, wrote their own roadmaps to success, and left the haters behind. Please do not take the haters into your future ladies.

Let go and be free, Find Your Way Back to You!

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our speakers, presenters, vendors, sponsors, guest and my management team for making this event a success.

Melissa Magazine

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